Romsey Extra Parish Council meetings are usually held on the second Thursday of every month at 7.30pm.  An agenda is posted in advance on the notice board at Woodley Village Hall and the Allotments on Kings Chase (Formerly Ganger Farm). Members of the public are always welcome to attend.

NOTE: With effect from 27 May 2021 all planning applications will be considered at the Council's Joint Planning Committee held with Romsey Town Council. 

The Annual Parish Assembly is a report on the previous year and a look forward to the coming year and is normally held at 7.30pm on the third Wednesday of April every year. 

COVID-19: From May 2021 meeting will be held in person. Anyone attending MUST adhere to any Social Distancing rules that maybe in place at the time.

Agenda & Minutes of Council Meetings in 2021 - See below for Committee Meetings

Jan 2021  pdfAgenda January 2021184.72 KB  pdfDraft Minutes January 2021166.34 KB
Feb 2021  pdfAgenda February 2021189.42 KB  pdfDraft Minutes February 2021174.24 KB
Mar 2021  pdfAgenda March 2021216.2 KB  pdfDraft Minutes March 2021170.86 KB
Apr 2021  pdfAgenda April 2021200.35 KB  pdfDraft Minutes April 2021160.03 KB
Annual Parish Assembly  Not Convened 

pdfAnnual Financial Report 202192.83 KB 

Chairman's Report to follow

AGM May 2021  pdfAGM Agenda May 2021139.71 KB  pdfDraft Minutes AGM May 2021201.28 KB
Jun 2021  pdfAgenda June 2021130.48 KB  pdfDraft Minutes June 2021135.41 KB
Jul 2021  pdfAgenda July 2021121.35 KB  pdfDraft Minutes July 2021147.32 KB
Aug 2021  Not Convened  
Sep 2021  Agenda_September_2021.pdf  REPC_Minutes_20210909.docx63.22 KB
7 Oct 2021    
4 Nov 2021    
 2 Dec 2021    

Romsey Extra and Romsey Town Joint Planning Committee - Agendas and Minutes

    Date  Agenda                                    Minutes                                           
    27 May 2021 pdfJoint Cttee Agenda266.58 KB  pdfDraft Minutes 27 May 2021177.11 KB
24 June 2021 pdfJoint Cttee Agenda196.57 KB  pdfDraft Minutes 24 June 2021207.17 KB
22 July 2021  pdfJoint Cttee Agenda201.8 KB  Draft_Minutes_22_July_2021.pdf
19 August 2021   Joint_Cttee_Agenda_.pdf  Draft_Minutes_19_August_2021.pdf
16 September 2021 Joint_Cttee_Agenda_20210916.pdf  


Staffing Committee - Agendas and Minutes

Date  Agenda  Minutes
2 February 2021 pdfSC AGENDA 02022021196.8 KB  pdfDraft Minutes 2 February 202173.93 KB
4 May 2021 pdfSC AGENDA 04052021178.14 KB  pdfDraft Minutes 4 May 202156.49 KB


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