Romsey Extra Parish Council meetings are usually held on the second Thursday of every month at 7.15pm.  An agenda is posted in advance on the notice board at Woodley Village Hall and Straight Mile. Members of the public are always welcome to attend.

The Annual Parish Assembly is a report on the previous year and a look forward to the coming year and is normally held at 7.30pm on the third Wednesday of April every year.

Agenda & Minutes of meetings in 2016

Jan 2016  pdfAgenda January 2016103.58 KB  pdfDraft Minutes January 2016189.27 KB
Feb 2016  pdfAgenda February 2016103.83 KB  pdfDraft Minutes February 2016295.34 KB
Mar 2016  pdfAgenda March 2016107.75 KB  pdfDraft Minutes March 2016248.13 KB
Apr 2016  pdfAgenda April 2016107.71 KB  pdfDraft Minutes April 2016182.59 KB
RNP Joint Committee pdfAgenda 20 April 2016154.36 KB  pdfDraft Minutes 20 April 2016.pdf347.56 KB
Annual Parish Assembly  pdfAgenda 201684.35 KB

 pdfAnnual Report 2016171.33 KB

pdfDraft APA Minutes 2016133.04 KB

May 2016  pdfAgenda May 2016110.22 KB
 pdfDraft Minutes May 2016222.42 KB
Jun 2016  pdfAgenda June 2016103.36 KB  pdfDraft Minutes June 2016225.38 KB
Jul 2016  pdfAgenda July 2016106.02 KB  pdfDraft Minutes July 2016191.89 KB
Aug 2016  pdfAgenda August 2016103.93 KB pdfDraft Minutes August 2016239.04 KB
RNP Joint Committee  pdfAgenda 30 August 2016127.64 KB  pdfRNP Draft Minutes 30 August 2016271.75 KB
Sep 2016  pdfAgenda September 2016117.4 KB  pdfDraft Minutes September 2016.pdf179.41 KB
Oct 2016  pdfAgenda October 2016102.46 KB  pdfDraft Minutes October 2016216.56 KB
Nov 2016  pdfAgenda November 2016118.51 KB  pdfDraft Minutes November 2016196.45 KB
Dec 2016  pdfAgenda December 2016122.39 KB  pdfDraft Minutes December 2016204.34 KB

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