Romsey Extra Parish Council – Working for you to improve the quality of life for those who live and work in the area.
Parish Councils are elected by the local community and form the level of local government that is closest to the community. Romsey Extra Parish Council has seven Councillors who were elected in May 2015 to serve for a four year period. The work they carry out is entirely voluntary and they do not receive payment for attending the council meetings which are held monthly.
We own and maintain land known as ‘The Green’ between School Road and Short Hill and lease the adjacent site to the trustees of Woodley Village Hall which is a registered charity. The Village Hall is administered by a management committee which includes two Parish Councillors and we also provide support towards the maintenance of the grounds and grants for improvements. The Parish Council also owns and maintains other assets like bus shelters and seating which have historically been provided for the benefit of the community.
Work of the Parish Council is funded through money allocated to us from Council Tax revenue. From this we set aside a sum each year to provide grants which can be applied for to help support activities and events that will benefit the community across the age range. Further details can be found here. We also support a Community Speedwatch Scheme and welcome any volunteers prepared to help with this in areas where speeding is an issue. Training will be provided.
Services like refuse collection, recycling and the maintenance of roads, pavements and verges are provided by the Borough or County Council rather than the Parish Council. Most of the decisions affecting the Parish are also made at these higher levels of local government but the views of the Parish Council are sought as part of the consultation processes.
We strive to respond on the basis of what is good for the community as a whole but your views are important to us and may be given to Councillors, the Parish Clerk, or directly by you at the monthly Parish Council meeting where public participation is encouraged. This is usually dealt with early in the meeting so that there is no need to sit through the rest of the meeting unless you wish to do so.
The Localism Act 2011 offered new opportunities for communities to have a greater say regarding how their local area is developed in the future. The Parish and Town Council are working closely together with the aim of producing a Neighbourhood Plan for Romsey. This is a lengthy and onerous task that will take some years to complete but we feel it is an opportunity well worth taking up.
We understand that issues closer to home are equally important to residents and so from securing street lighting to make footpaths safer to getting land owners to clear vegetation causing an obstruction we endeavour to help where whenever we can.

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