Grants Policy

(Adopted 11 June 2015)

1. Introduction

a. Romsey Extra Parish Council will consider applications for grants from voluntary groups or charitable organizations and schools located within the parish.

b. To qualify for an award the applicant must be able to demonstrate that any funding from the Parish Council will benefit the Parish, or residents of the Parish.

c. Grant applications will initially be considered by the council’s grants coordinators prior to presentation to the full Council. Grants made annually are considered in September. In other cases consideration will be given at council meetings throughout the year.

d. Where the grant requested is to part fund a project details of how the whole project is to be funded including any fund raising events held by the group or organization itself will be requested.

e. In determining the validity of an application, the Council will refer to the following guidelines:

2. Applications will be considered for the following purposes:

a. For the purpose of purchasing equipment either in part or in full.

b. For the funding of transport that will enable group members to partake in a group trip or outing regardless of their incomes.

c. For activities that raise the profile of the area.

d. For hosting special events or celebrations.

e. For the provision of recreational facilities.

3. Conditions:

a. Grants will not be awarded to individuals.

b. Additional applications within a 12 month period will not normally be considered.

c. The award must be used for the purpose for which the application was made.

d. If the group is unable to use the award or part of it for the stated purpose, the monies must be returned to the Parish Council.

e. All awards must be properly accounted for and evidence of expenditure should be supplied as requested. If the Parish Council is not satisfied with the arrangements, they reserve the right to request a refund of part or all of the monies awarded.

f. The Parish Council may expect equipment purchased to reflect the source of funding by means of a label attached which will be supplied in the case of smaller items.

g. Donations to Registered Charities in response to a general fundraising appeal may be considered if there is a benefit to residents of the Parish.

h. The Parish Council may invite a representative of the organization concerned to attend a council meeting to make a brief presentation and answer any questions as part of considering a bid.

i. On completion of a project a letter of thanks should be sent to the Council and if possible, an acknowledgement of the Parish Council’s contribution should be made.

j.The Parish Council will not award grants for:

             i.  The redecoration or day-to-day maintenance of property.

            ii.  Day-to-day running costs including utility bills.

           iii.  The funding of staff salaries.

k. The policy may be amended at any time by Council following a motion having been published on the agenda beforehand being carried.

4. Eligibility:

a. Any Charity, Voluntary Group or Community Organisation operating within the Romsey Extra Parish.

b. Any Charity, Voluntary Group or Community Organisation operating in the Romsey Town Council area where the Romsey Parish Council considers the application to be of benefit to Romsey Extra parishioners.

c. Agencies that operate within the Parish or the Romsey Town Council and are of benefit to the local community, with the following provisos:

          i.  The Parish Council will not fund activities that it considers to be the responsibility of a Statutory Authority.

         ii.  Applications from schools within the Parish must relate to activities that are not part of the statutory curriculum e.g resources for classroom use will not be considered.

        iii.  The Parish Council will not fund activities outside its powers and functions.

5. Submission of Application:

a. Applications must be submitted on the application form which can either be downloaded from the parish website or in hard copy from the Parish Clerk.

b. The application form must be completed in block capitals in black ink (hard copy) or returned by email to the Parish Clerk.

c. The applicant should retain a copy of the form.

d. The applicant must include a copy of their last 3 years accounts (including the most recent) and Constitution with the application form. Where this is not applicable / possible, what is available should be provided together with a forecast of income and expenditure for the coming year.




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